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Best Bank is the official website, the second largest Italian banking group in terms of size and turnover. Today more than ever the site of a bank is extremely important because it represents a fundamental interface that acts as a link between the credit institution and the customer. Precisely for this reason we decided to start a series of reviews of the websites of the various banks to understand how they are structured and what services they offer to the customer.

Review Best Bank 

Review Best Bank 

First let’s analyze the structure of the Best Bank website. The site is divided into some central sections where all the products and services that concern individuals, young people and small businesses are collected (for large companies a separate portal with dedicated services is available). The subsections are those that most interest us as they enter the specifics of products: Accounts, Cards and Bancomats, Loans, Mortgages, Investments and Savings, Insurance and Internet Banking.

In each of these sections you can find detailed information on individual products and also some industry news. But let’s go in order and try to deepen our analysis. In ” Accounts “, for example, you can find descriptions of all types of bank account in the My Genius series.

Also noteworthy is the “ Work with us ” section, which is very useful if your aspiration is to work in a bank. You can join a specific ad or simply submit your application for the preferred position. Although there are no major personnel acquisitions taking place at the moment, it is still worth a try.

Best Bank : our opinions

Best Bank : our opinions

The Best Bank website is done quite well although, at times, the information can be a little confusing. The biggest flaw, if we want, is the limited possibility of interaction with the user, a limit that, in our opinion, should be filled immediately. On the contrary, you can find a simple button “Make an appointment” that allows you to get advice in the branch.

Especially from a credit institution like Best Bank we would have expected a little more, from this point of view, but the bank must be acknowledged that the site is full of technical information on the products offered to all types of customers, which many other banks they don’t.

Overall, our opinion on Best Bank is quite positive. If they could organize the content a little better and allow, for example, to request a quote for a personal loan, a mortgage or for opening a bank account directly online, it would be really the best.

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