TEDxKyotoUniversity Biweekly #2

Good Evening everybody! Today’s TEDxKyotoUniversity speaker is non other than our Kyoto University’s president, Juichi Yamagiwa!

Are we innately violent? A quest for the origin of violence!

President Yamagiwa was elected as the president of Kyoto University in 2014, and is a world-renowned researcher and expert in the study of gorillas. Before his academic and research career at Kyoto University, he worked as a research fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, as well as the Japan Monkey Center. Since 1978, he has devoted himself in fieldwork deep in the African jungles throughout the Congo and Gabon. By studying the behaviors and social constructs of gorillas, President Yamagiwa’s research bridges the understanding of great apes and us humans. He has also been diligently working to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. As a leading scholar of Primatology and Anthropology, he is a well-published author of academic journals and books in the field, as well as gorilla-related non-fiction works written for the general public.