Having an artistic mind will change your life! – TEDxKyotoUniversity Biweekly #6

Good Morning everybody! Today’s TEDxKyotoUniversity speaker is Naoko Tosa. Artist and Professor at Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education of Kyoto University.

Artificial Intelligence & Education: Lifelong Learning Dialogue

After receiving a PhD for Art and Technology Research from the University of Tokyo, she became a lecturer at Musashino Art University as well as a researcher at the Media Integration & Communication Labs in the Advanced Technology Research Labs (ATR). She was also a fellow at the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 2002 to 2004. Currently, she is a professor at Kyoto University, and a visiting professor of the National University of Singapore. As an artist, Naoko Tosa believes in the artistic concept that “various cultures across the world are connected as one, since the ancient times of human history, at an unconscious level, and thus overcoming nationalism”. Connecting this concept to a computer, she has created a new concept called “Cultural Computing”, creating a new frontier of art products to lead society to a richer future. Website: http://www.naokotosa.com/