TEDxKyotoUniversity2017 Speaker Interview#1


Sosuke Ichihashi (I)     Dr. Tomoki Aoyama (A)

I:    Good evening everybody. Sosuke Ichihashi here, and welcome to our first TEDxKyotoUniversity2017 Interview. Today we have Dr. Tomoki Aoyama. For those who do not know him, Dr. Aoyama is an expert in Rehabilitation Medicine, Orthopedics, and Regenerative Medicine. Good evening Dr. Aoyama, and thank you for being here today!

A:   The pleasure is mine.

I:    As you all know, Dr. Aoyama is working on Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Aoyama, how did you become interested in your current research field?

A:   I’m currently working on nerve regeneration by using a Bio 3D Printer. The human body, has the power of promoting self-healing, sometimes, however, something disturbs the healing process and it can’t work well. Then I had an idea that we can help the self-healing process by introducing a mechanism to go over the “wall” and got interested in “connecting” as the mechanism.

I:    That sounds interesting! I’m looking forward to hearing more about Bio 3D Printer. So Dr. Aoyama, what can we expect to hear from you in your TEDx talk?

A:   Tube structure is not only useful in the medical field, but also in our everyday life. We can add more functionalities to tubes by appending some features. In my TEDx talk, I’ll talk about nerve regeneration with tubes created by a Bio 3D Printer and its functionality.

I:    I’m certainly looking forward to it! So Dr. Aoyama, do you have any advice for students?

A:   I believe every individual, our society, and the world are trying to go in the right direction like self-healing does. And as I said before, something may disturb that process like it disturbs self-healing and cause various problems. How about we design a “Functional Tube” to solve those problems?

I:    I see. Thank you for your time Dr. Aoyama, and again, thank you for joining us today.

This concludes today’s interview, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our next interviews!

by Sosuke Ichihashi